The light is stuck on red and it's making a fan sound ? How do i fix that ?

When the light is on red it is cooling, after 20-30 minutes the water should be cool & the light turn blue. During particularly warm periods the unit may struggle to cool sufficiently & move on to the next cooling phase.


How often do i need to clean my Chillswell?

The Chillswell should be cleaned regularly, as described in the instructions; we would recommend every 2 months.


What happens if the unit turns green (inside)?

We recommend you wash it through with hot water diluted with VWP Cleaner or Bartenders Friend.

What do I do if I plan to not use my unit for some time?

If you go on holiday or the Chillswell isn't used for any length of time then leave it empty, dispose of the filter & rince through 3 times before use.